web-designWebsites have been a foundational marketing tool for the last 20 years.  The effectiveness of this tool is, as it has always been, based on the purpose for which it was designed.  Some sites are created to simply present information. Others are designed to offer online products and services. Others are created to engage an audience and elicit their responses to various interactive and rich media elements, then capture basic contact information in order to continue building the relationship between the audience and the site owner.  How well the site is designed and implemented for the intended goal is the measure of effective web marketing.


Daniel Cheney


Daniel 2012Daniel Cheney has been engaged in the creation of effective web marketing strategies as the techniques for reaching the audience have evolved from static HTML pages to interactive mobile and social media tactics.  His experience ranges from photographer/videographer, rich flash/HTML 5 interactive web content, illustrator, photo manipulation, coding CMS systems, data manipulation, hosting/data center management, technical posts and whitepapers, IBM system administration, project team leadership and many other experiences that have enriched and refined his ability to focus on the effective use of technology to solve business challenges.

Please feel free to review the portfolio of the projects that Daniel has worked on.

If you would like more information, contact me at daniel@danielcheney.com.